Costs Buying A New Home In Corona CA

What Are Costs When Buying A New Home? Whether it is new to you or straight from the builder, similar fees are associated with any purchase of a home.  Often you hear a ballpark figure you should save for when buying a new home is between 2%-5% of the purchase price.  The purchase price is … Continued

Buying A New Home In Corona CA

Front view of a new construction home with a bow on it

When you’re considering buying a home, whether it’s your first house or your fifth, you’re contemplating putting down roots. You’re making a long-term commitment of both time and money. You want to make sure that the seeds you plant are in soil that’s fertile, a healthy place to secure the foundation of your lifestyle for … Continued

Home Mortgage Loan Basics

Being able to pay cash for a substantial purchase like a house is rare. Applying for a home mortgage loan is part of the buying process, but it can be intimidating for first time home buyers. We’re happy to offer you a few points to consider before you visit your lender to apply for a … Continued

6 Steps to Buying a Home

buying a house in california

There’s nothing quite like browsing houses for sale in search of your dream home. Before you set your sights on beginning your search, you may want to take some time to read a bit about the home buying process. While this is an exciting time for you, it can become overwhelming and frustrating without the … Continued